Last updated 9/7/2017


There have been a few complaints that once we have more than 32 players a few people miss 2 consecutive time slots when being rostered for games – this is because we can only place 16 on the courts at a time.

At this stage, we will not be booking any extra courts – but may have an option available at least until Christmas.  Central Badminton has reserved 2 courts for 2 hours from 8 pm and it is highly unlikely they will need them – so at least one will be available for APBC to use.

Wednesday Social

Two committee members run the social night each week and most nights it is Gary and Merle – others you will have seen this year would include Kaho with assistance from some members.

The committee would like to revert to a roster system where a committee person is responsible for a given week each month and is assisted by another – but in order to do so, we require a couple of others to volunteer – and remember if you work on the desk on you do not pay the nightly fee. 

Can you organise us a Social function?

Are you a good party organiser? – Can you arrange a party or other social function for us?  

Ideally, we would be looking at between 30 to 40 people and a charge of no more than  $40.00 per person.

You could pick a weekend date – or if you like Wednesday 22nd March when there will be no badminton as F1 preparations will close the MSAC stadium

Social Badminton

Every Wednesday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm in the MSAC Badminton hall.

Courts 1, 2, 4 & 5 – Table set up near court 2 for the payment of fees.

A white board is used to schedule 20-minute games on all courts 

A limit of 36 players guarantees all players can play 3 games/night…….Feathered shuttles provided.

Be dressed in sports clothing — sports shoes with non-marking soles. If you don’t have a racquet we can lend you one.

Arrive before 8.00pm and you should be sure of getting a game.

Annual Memberships and Nightly Fees

  • Nightly fees – members $7.00, Casual visitors $11.00

  • Annual Membership $60.00, 6 Monthly Membership $35.00

  • All players who are not registered with Badminton Victoria via CBA or some other club and who only play socially with APBC will be registered with Badminton Victoria provided

    • they pay a Membership fee

    • provide APBC with the necessary information for registration

For More Information on the Injury Insurance benefit of BV registration  — Check the Insurance item under the Resources tab of the BV website www.badmintonvic.com.au

We are on Facebook

There’re a few photos on the Albert Park Badminton Club Facebook page (click here).updated 1/4/16 5:39 am