updated 07/12/20


A restart date has been set

  • We will now resume on 13th January 2021

  • There will be a limit of 20-24 people(8 per court) and the distancing rule of 1.5m must apply – on and off the court. (Covid-19 Restrictions)

  • We have a “return to play” document we must comply with.  It has been added to the NEWS page of this site

  • You will need to pre-book. Early bookings will not be accepted – bookings will cease when 20 people are booked or closing time reached(if earlier). You will be advised if your booking is successful.

    Gary will not attend while there is a limit of 20 people as he would reduce the number of people able to play

    Gary has also decided to cease his attendance at APBC from the 30th March 2021 (approximately) – the end of the club’s financial year.


COVID -19 Protective actions.

Do not attend social badminton if you are sick. 

We will provide some sanitiser but it would be appreciated if you brought your own.

Please install the COVIDsafe app on your phone and ensure Bluetooth is active.

Wash(or sanitise) your hands before and after each match. 

No Hi-Fives or hand touching after winning points – No handshakes at end of game – Use a towel to wipe away sweat. 

Doubles matches must be played with the 1.5m social distancing rule in mind – so ensure that at no time you can touch your partner

If not on court keep 1.5m apart (family/partner exceptions may apply).

Cough/sneeze into elbow or tissue.


Annual Memberships and Nightly Fees

Court Costs have remained roughly the same as in 2020 – Shuttles costs have increased.

Possible new fees – to apply from 3rd February 2021:- 

  • Annual Membership $70.00, 6 Monthly Membership $40.00

  • Nightly fees – members $10.00, Casual visitors $15.00

  • Students must show a current Student card in order to pay student rates (same as member).

All players who are not registered with Badminton Victoria via CBA or some other club and who only play socially with APBC will be registered with Badminton Victoria provided:-

  •  They pay an Annual Membership fee

  • They provide APBC with the necessary information for registration

For More Information on the Injury Insurance benefit of BV registration  — Check the Insurance item under the Resources tab of the BV website www.badmintonvic.com.au

Social Badminton

  • Every Wednesday from 7.30pm to 10.00pm in the MSAC Badminton hall

    Hopefully the following will still apply.

  • Table set up near court 2 for the payment of fees.

  • A whiteboard used to schedule 20-minute games on all courts.

  • Courts 1, 2, 3 on resumption with extra courts added by committee when needed – using ‘a rule of thumb’ of 8 players per court

A limit of 8 players per court (3 courts – 24 players, 4 courts -32 players etc) guarantees all players can play 3 games/night…….Feathered shuttles provided.

Be dressed in sports clothing — sports shoes with non-marking soles.

If you don’t have a racquet we can lend you one.

If you want a second shuttle during your 20-minute game please bring the damaged shuttle back to the desk and the person at the desk will decide if a new shuttle is justified.
We have to do this as a couple of people are known to gather barely used shuttles for use at other practice/socials

Arrive before 8.00pm and you should be sure of getting a game.

 Wednesday Social

One or two committee members run the social night each week and most nights it has been Gary and Kaho or Nigel -You will have seen others assisting recently – We need extra people to help occasionally.  

If you can arrive at MSAC by around 7:00pm to set up for play and agree not to play before the second game scheduled then you might be able to assist and play for free. Speak to Gary or Kaho and we’ll look at welcoming you aboard our undermanned team.

We currently have Gary, Kaho, Nigel, Subi, Thusi and Daryl assisting on an ad-hoc basis, but some of them play competition on Wednesdays and cannot help.

 We are on Facebook

There’re a few photos on the Albert Park Badminton Club Facebook page (click here)