• Nominated Covid-19 Officer: Daryl Chung 0438 286 009
o A single point of contact for all Covid-19 related questions/issues.
o Other committee members – Gary Grierson, Kaho Ching, Thusi Mendis or Nigel Periera may deputise during sessions.
• Maximum of 20 people per session.
o Registration/booking – players will need to book each week – required for contract tracing and to ensure player numbers are kept at 20 or less.
o On-line system will be available by August
o Individual email to prior to On-line system availability
• Cancelling your booking – If you are unwell DO NOT PLAY
o Cancel if unable to attend so as not to deprive another player from attending.
• Payment – While maximum of 20 attendees the one fee of $11.00 will apply for all players
o Pay on-line when On-line system operating
o If you prefer to pay by direct debit transfer, bank details can be made available.
o Cash (please avoid if possible) – have the correct money to pay
• Session times – Courts 1,2 and 3 – ZONE A. From 7.30 to 10.00pm
• Social Distancing – will be required at all times – 1.5 metres when not on court and no physical touching when on court.
• You are encouraged to download the COVID-Safe app.
• Hand Sanitiser – will be provided.
o Use when entering MSAC
o Also use before the start and after the end of each 20 minute court session
• Equipment
o You must use your own equipment – do not lend or borrow.
o Use your own water bottle and towel – do not share.
PLAYING SESSIONS (subject to confirmation from MSAC)
• Maximum of 20 players in our Zone – Courts 1, 2 and 3 – ZONE A
• Registration/Booking – Only players who have registered/booked in will be allowed in MSAC. Players must also book with MSAC to enable MSAC to prepare attendance list .
• No spectators.
• Declaration – Players will need to complete a declaration that
o They do not have symptoms.
o They have not been in contact with people with symptoms.
o Agree to abide by the Club’s Covid-19 policy.
• Organisation – for the first few weeks of ‘Return to Play’ players may be allocated to a specific group on one court for the entire night.
• Chairs – There will be no chairs in the badminton hall.
• Facilities – Players will be able to access toilets and water fountain
The change rooms & showers will be available, but we suggest you avoid them if possible.
• Zone Restriction – No movement of players between Zones. Players must remain in the Albert Park booked Zone – Zone A – Courts 1, 2 and 3. (The badminton hall is divided up into 4 zones.) Players permitted to leave the zone for water fountain and toilet access.
• Social distancing – see above
• Hand Sanitiser Use – see above.
• Equipment Use – see above.
• Shuttles
o A new shuttle will be used for each 20 minute session
o Used shuttles should be put in the shuttle tube beside each court when being replaced or at the end of a 20 minute session.

• Assemble outside the MSAC entrance prior to being let in.
• Arrive at MSAC if possible 15 minutes before the session – 7.15pm to allow time for entry process to occur.
• Hand sanitise at entrance if available.
• Players will be asked by MSAC staff to confirm your purpose and provide your first name and contact number – MSAC staff should have a Club list of players registered for the session.
• The Albert Park group will be kept in a designated area in the foyer as a group of up to 20, until it is time to enter the badminton hall.
• At the time of writing – we are waiting on a reply from MSAC as to the situation where a player may arrive late (e.g. 8.00pm), instead of 7.15pm. This will be communicated when known.
• The Club is required to have an attendance sheet and contact details of each session for contact tracing purposes – therefore no registration/booking equals no attendance.
• One committee member will gain access(via MSAC) to the storage room to obtain equipment (shuttles/desk/cashbox ) for use during the night. The door should be locked immediately equipment is obtained.
• At end of night desk/cashbox/tubes with unused shuttles are to be disinfected and can be returned to the storage room – will need to gain access via MSAC.

The following plan has been put in place for the scenario where a member reports a Covid-19 infection.
• Members must advise of any infection to the club (confidentiality will be maintained)
• On notification, Club will advise members of potential source of infection
o Planned sessions will be cancelled for 14 days quarantine period
o Contact MSAC and Badminton Victoria to advise of the infection
o Contact Tracing will be enabled.
 Review session logs for sessions that infected member has attended during last 14 days.
 A Committee Member will personally contact each member who has attended any session with the infected person.
 No information on the member who reported the infection will be provided.
• Post Infection Reopening Plan.
o Committee will follow all advice from the medical authorities.
o When re-opening is approved by authorities, communications will be sent to members.
o Social distancing rules will be enabled as per current plan.