• Nominated COVID-19 Officer: Kaho Ching
    • A single point of contact for all COVID-19 related questions/issues.
    • Daryl Chung, Thusi Mendis & Nigel Pereira may deputise during sessions.
  • Session times: Wednesday social sessions will run from 7:30pm to 10pm on Courts 1 to 4. Please monitor the Albert Park Badminton Club Facebook page for updates relating to the sessions.
  • Booking.
    1. Players wanting to attend a Wednesday social session will need to book using our booking site by 12pm on the same Wednesday. Payment will need to be made upon booking ($10 per person for online bookings).
    2. Walk-ins may be allowed if we have not reached our maximum capacity for the night ($13 per person for walk-ins).
    3. Players will receive a receipt for a booked session. This receipt is your ticket and must be presented to the session organisers at the Club desk on the night.
    4. Cancelling your booking: if you are not able to attend a booked session, please contact the club ( at least 24 hours before the Wednesday session for a non-refundable credit note that can be redeemed for a future social session. If you are unwell, please contact the club and do not attend your session.
  • Social distancing rules
    • keep a 1.5m distance when not on court; and
    • avoid physical contact with other players at all times.
  • You are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app.
  • Declaration to be completed upon arrival at your booked session. In the form, you would be asked if:
    • you have any symptoms relating to COVID-19;
    • you have been in contact with people with symptoms; and
    • you agree to abide by the Club’s COVID-19 Return-To-Play Policy outlined here.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided. Please use:
    • when entering MSAC;
    • before the start of each court session; and
    • at the end of each court session.
  • Equipment
    • Apart from shuttles (see below), you must use your own equipment.
    • Bring your own water bottle and towel.
  • Shuttles
    • A new shuttle will be provided at the start of each court session.
    • At the end of each court session, please place the used shuttle in the shuttle tube beside each court. Do not use the shuttle from the previous court session as a warm-up shuttle if the players for the court session have changed.
  • No spectators.
  • Facilities: Players will be able to access toilets and water access. Change rooms may be available, but it is advisable to avoid them if possible.


  • On arrival at MSAC, you will need to check-in using MSAC’s QR code. Look for the code at the MSAC entrance or at the MSAC reception desk. Scan the QR code using your mobile device and follow the prompts to check-in.
  • Once you have completed the check-in on your mobile device, show the confirmation to an MSAC staff member.
  • Don’t forget to sanitise at one of the sanitising stations in the MSAC foyer.
  • At 7.30pm, enter the badminton hall. Please do not congregate in the badminton hall prior to 7:30pm.


  • Once you are in the badminton hall, make your way to the Albert Park Badminton Club desk near Court 2.
  • You will need to check-in using the Club’s QR code. Look for the code at the Club desk. Scan the QR Code and follow the prompts to check-in.
  • The Club will have an attendance sheet for each session for contact-tracing purposes. Present your ticket to the session organisers at the Club desk and check that your details on the attendance sheet is correct.


The following plan has been put in place for the scenario where a member reports a COVID-19 infection.

  • Please notify the Club immediately ( if you become aware of a COVID-19 infection (or a potential infection) to the club.
  • The Club will advise members of potential infection.
  • Sessions will be cancelled for 14 days.
  • Contact tracing will be enabled.
  • The Club will personally contact all members that may be affected. Confidentiality will be maintained – information on the person who reported the infection will not be provided to other members.
  • The Club will contact MSAC and Badminton Victoria to advise of the infection Post Infection Reopening Plan.
  • The Club will follow all advice from the medical authorities.
  • When re-opening is approved by authorities, communications will be sent to members.
  • Social distancing rules will be enabled as per current plan.